Building for Sale in Crete

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independent building Pirgos Monofatsiou Crete

11433) PIRGOS MONOFATSIOU self-contained corner commercial property. In a plot of 410sqm, it offers 204sqm ground floor, huge frontage, great projection. Ideal for anything. Price 74.000 Euro.
204 m²
€ 74.000
Heraklion, Asterousia, Purgos
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independent building Matala Crete

(5472)LISTAROS-SIVAS MATALΟN new independent building 253sqm total, above in the asphalt, with fantastic view. In plot 335sqm, offer shop on a level with the ground with a beautiful shaped courtyard, 96sqm, underground 87 sqm and apartment of 1st floor 70 sqm, with one bedroom, heating, three phase current. Price 290.000 Euros.
253 m²
€ 290.000
Heraklion, Timpaki, SIBAS MATALON
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independent building Saint Varvara Crete

(4899)SAINT VARVARA MONOFATSIOY in plot 262sqm, independent building 202sqm. It offers shop 101sqm, with prassa, apartment 101sqm, 2 bedrooms, independent heating. Price 98.000 Euros.
202 m²
€ 98.000
Heraklion, Agia Varvara, Ag. Varvara Monofachiou
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independent building-cafe Koutouloufari Crete

(7358) KOUTOULOUFARI in plot 60sqm plot, unique new independent luxurious coffee bar fully equipped 120sqm, with 60sqm basement and use the municipal square. Price 260.000 Euro. Information only with appointment.
180 m²
€ 260.000
Heraklion, Hersonisos, Koutouloufari
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independent building Heraklion Crete

(9338)ANDREA PAPANDREOU IN ROMANTIC CORNER independent building 285sqm. Offer on a level with the ground 70sqm, underground 60sqm, attic and 2 floors. Ideal for company. Price 320.000 Euro.
285 m²
€ 320.000
Heraklion, MASTAMBAS
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independent building Industrial area Heraklion Crete

(9312) INDUSTRIAL AREA IN KALLITHEA in plot 3.031sqm, unique new independent building 1695sqm total. It offers ground floor 605sqm, basement with ramp 605sqm, first floor 485sqm, big high, three-phase current, professional elevator, air conditioning, alarm, call center, fire, big external area, projection. Price 850.000 Euro.
1695 m²
€ 850.000
Heraklion, Nea Alikarnassos, Kallithea