Block of Flats for Sale in Crete

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Block of Flats

independent building Nea Ionia Volos

(11450) VOLOS in Nea Ionia in a plot of 134sqm, independent corner building of 13 years, 310sqm total. It offers ground floor shop of 65sqm, with basement 65sqm, 1st and 2nd floor maisonette of 130sqm, with 2 bedrooms, one room, storage, individual gas, air conditioning, BBQ, veranda and an old 50m2 detached house.Price with appointment
310 m²
Magnisia, Volos
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Block of Flats

complex apartments Heraklion Crete

(11425)END OF KNΟSSOY in byway in plot 261sqm, independent new property . It offers semifinished ground floor apartment 104sqm,with 3 bedrooms, new luxurious apartment of 1st floor 104sqm, 3 bedrooms, lounge with fireplace, independent heating, air - condition, veranda, luxurious studio of 2nd floor 18sqm with W. C and 3 new semiground studios. Price 420.000 Euros.
208 m²
€ 420.000
Heraklion, FORTETZA
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Block of Flats

block apartments Heraklion Crete

(11390) KATSAMPAS GREAT OPPORTUNITY within a plot of 245sqm, independent two-storey building 320sqm, leased, offering about 1800Euro per month with an annual yield of 7%. It offers 5 apartments of 50sqm each and 2 bungalows 35sqm each, warehouse, ground floor. Price 290.000 Euro.
288 m²
€ 290.000
Heraklion, Kachabas
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Block of Flats

complex apartments Hersonissos Crete

(6208) AGRIANA HERSONISSOU in plot 1.350sqm new complex of 3 stone maisonnettes 340sqm all with sea view. They each in independently plot single place with fireplace, 2 or 3 bedrooms, independent heating, parking, warehouse, WC, air conditioning, garden. Price 500.000 Euro.
419 m²
€ 500.000
Heraklion, Hersonisos, Agriana Chersonisou
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Block of Flats

complex apartments Pantanassa Crete

(7108) Pantanassa above the wave unique independent property with use of beach. In a plot 120sqm, offers an unfinished apartment 35sqm, a ground floor apartment 60sqm with one bedroom, and 1st floor apartment 60sqm with one bedroom and view over the bay of Heraklion. Price 280.000 Euro
155 m²
€ 280.000
Heraklion, Malevizi, Rogdia
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Block of Flats

For sale complex of apartments in Ano Hersonisso Crete

(6914) ANO HERSONISSOS in plot 1.839sqm , complex of 3 apartments with fantastic sea view. It offers 1 bedroom ground floor apartment 60sqm, 1 bedroom ground floor apartment 70sqm and 1 apartment of 1st floor 118sqm, 3 bedrooms, single-room, WC, veranda, independent heating, air conditioning, parking and a huge beautiful garden. Price 445,000 Euros.
248 m²
€ 445.000
Heraklion, Hersonisos, Chersonisos
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Block of Flats
Exclusive assignment

maisonnettte Therissou Heraklion Crete

(10857) THERISSOU in plot 150sqm, new independent property 155sqm total , 11 years old. It offers ground floor leased shop 45sqm with WC, prassa and maisonette 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor 110sqm whole, single room, 3 bedrooms, WC, independent heating, electrical appliances, solar panels, air condition,tank, parking Price 250.000 Euro.
155 m²
€ 250.000
Heraklion, THERISSOS
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Block of Flats

block independent houses Prassa Heraklion Crete

(9416) PRASSA in plot 1290sqm, new luxurious complex of independent houses 343sqm total, with swimming pool, garden with grass, fantastic view It offers one maisonnette 190sqm, with 4 bedrooms, fireplace and closed parking, one apartment with 2 bedrooms 55sqm and one independent house maisonnette 98sqm rented, with 3 bedrooms, microwave and BBQ. There is further 120sqm building. Price with appointment
343 m²
Heraklion, Nea Alikarnassos, Prassa
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Block of Flats

block of apartments PEPAGNI Heraklion Crete

(9355) PEPAGNI-GIOFYRAKIA in plot 557sqm, new block of apartment stotal 600sqm, 9 years old, with fantastic sea view. It offers six one bedroom apartments 50sqm each and two apartments with 3 bedrooms 100sqm each, warehouses, closed parking, independent heating.Price 1.200.000 Euro.
600 m²
€ 1.200.000
Heraklion, PEPAGNI
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Block of Flats

frame Skalani Heraklion Crete

(7846) SKALANI in plot 4.173sqm two-storey frame 680sqm total with fantastic view of the Mediterranean sea. It offers 250sqm basement, ground floor 230sqm, 200sqm first floor and huge external areas .Ideal for residential or commercial use. Price 410.000 Euro.
680 m²
€ 410.000
Heraklion, Skalani